These Three Kings are here to make your Christmas merry and bright.


Our first king comes from Colombia and uses the Carriage House Colombian Classic Roast and presents you with a beautiful infusion of dark rum to match his classic roast profile. Santa just may prefer you leave this under the tree instead of the traditional milk and cookies.


Our second king hails from Burundi and brings with him the flavors produced by the Benedictine Monks of ages past. Benedictine infuses 27 secret spices creating a spicy, yet citrus liquor. This melds perfectly with the citrus and artisanal bitters profile of the Carriage House Roasters light roast Burundi. Add a luxurious splash of cream and you will be able to wrap all those Christmas presents in no time at all!


Our last kings comes from far off Bali. Regal and slightly mysterious, he brings with him Bourbon, straight up. The dried fruit and smoked caramel profile of the Carriage House Roasters Bali is the perfect match with the debonair Bourbons of Kentucky. This will be the coffee that prompts all your co-workers to wonder, just what is in your cup this morning?



The Three Kings