Rwanda Misozi Abakundakawa PEABERRY - Fair Trade (GP)


Tasting Notes: Dark Honey & Citrus


Rwandan “Abakundakawa” which means, “those who love coffee,” is a Bourbon varietal that is fully washed and sun dried on raised beds by the Misozi Kopaki coop of farmers. You will enjoy a slightly high level of body, acid, and sweetness with tasting notes that include honey and citrus/orange. This single origin is roasted lighter and is an excellent choice for manual brew methods.


Fun Facts:


  • The Abakundakawa coop of over 1,500 farmers was founded in 2005 and is a part of the larger Miszozi group. Abakundekawa is Fair Trade Certified. Reused hulls and parchment contribute to the Abakundakawa’s natural fertilization program.
  • Peaberry, known in Spanish as caracolillo, is a type of coffee bean. The fruit of the coffee plant will normally contain two seeds (beans).  On average, five percent of a harvest will reveal that only one of the two seeds is fertilized, and a single, smaller, seed develops with nothing to flatten it. This pea-shaped bean is known as a peaberry. Peaberries are typically found in Tanzania and Kona coffee out of Hawaii, and here we’re highlighting a beautiful peaberry out of Rwanda!


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