Lime | Butterscotch | Pastry | Molasses


This Peruvian micro lot is an in-house favorite and highlights what being a nano-roastery is all about! This delightful surprise offers a unique character starting out from the grind, where you'll smell light florals and hints of cherry and raisin. As it brews, a pleasing aroma of pound cake and toasted nuts comes to the forefront. Finally, that first sip reveals subtle lime and finishes with a smooth butterscotch, warm pastry, and a light hint of molasses. 


This is a delightful brew to get your day started or perk up your afternoon!


From the Importer:


Organic Peru COOPAFSI "Cruz Maria Caminza Zurita" FT - Micro Lot (GP)


Elevation: 1600


Varietals: Catimor,Caturra,Typica

Milling Process: Fully Washed

Drying Process: Raised beds

Harvest Start Month: June

Harvest End Month: October




    Timberville, Virginia 22853