Papua New Guinea Eastern Highlands Banz A - 100% Arabica


Two levels of roast below (medium or dark) with low acidity and sweetness, and an above average body and mouthfeel


Medium Roast - Oh nostalgia! This coffee is the liquid form of my favorite winter treat! It tastes like a dark cocoa tart filled with apricot jam and topped with a bittersweet chocolate ganache. Definitely the perfect brew for the winter season!


Dark Roast - Dark and Mysterious. This coffee with its smokey undertones would be pefectly happy in a dark lounge from the Art Deco era. This coffee in human form would be the mysterious man in the tuxedo lounging in a leather chair near the window, perhaps he would even answer to the name Bond. "French Pressed, not Dripped"


Banz is located in PNG at a high evelvation with fertile soil. Around 30 small coffee producers contribute to the Jiwaka Kofi Mill in the Waghi Valley to create this equisite lot.

Papua New Guinea



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