We offer two fabulous roast profiles for this new and unique single origin from Myanmar - a light and an ever so slightly darker roast, both highlighting smooth and rich tones from this relatively new import from Myanmar. As the economy in Myanmar opens up, and an era of isolation dissipates, we expect the availability of this wonderful specialty coffee to blossom. Keep a close eye on coffees from Myanmar, they won't disappoint even the most discerningcoffee connoisseur! 


Spices & Praline:  This coffee from Myanmar has such a complex flavor and is smooth as silk.  This is the perfect coffee to pair with many foods as the taste is not overwhelming, but subtle with hints of praline and spices.  This is the coffee you want while curled up with a good book. *This is the lighter of the two Myanmar roast profiles


Cocoa & Orange:  Remember those delightful chocolates shaped like a orange that always appear around Christmas?  This is the grown up version.  The orange is much more subtle, but this has the smooth richness of a high quality chocolate with just a hint of orange to balance out the richness of the brew.  *This is the darker of the two Myanmar roast profiles


Myanmar Shwe Padauk | 12 oz