This special roast has notes of pastry and jam

Coffee and reading, is there any better combination? This special roast "I Have No Pockets, Illustrator’s Roast," is a customized lightly roasted Honduran that pairs wonderfully with memories that last a lifetime. The Author, Ned Overton, and the Illustrator, Alica Overton, of I Have No Pockets are close friends to us here at Carriage House Roasters. They were looking for a coffee with a tea-like quality, with notes of pastry and jam. Together, we could not imagine a more beautiful pairing for this special roast than with this heartfelt book about making memories with the children in your life. 


This Honduran roast is for anyone who enjoys a mild, light roast. It is easy to drink with or without cream, and the Illustrator of I Have No Pockets loves to make it in her morning pour-over!


Brew a cup, do some reading, and go make the memories that will last a lifetime.


About I Have No Pockets:  “Little Bethany wishes she has a way to carry home all sorts of wonderful things she discovers with her Grandpa; things like leaves and rocks, butterflies and shooting stars, but her answer is always the same, “I have no pockets.”  Grandpa and Bethany save their memories in another way; within their hearts.  There they will treasure and hold each memory dear for a lifetime.”


To order your copy of I Have No Pockets visit or simply order the coffee and book gift set right here.


Set includes hardcover of I Have No Pockets and 12oz canister of this limited edition roast!

Illustrator's Gift Set | $36.99

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