Honduran Teodosa Moreno - Micro Lot


Honduran Light Roast

Tasting Notes of Plum, Brioche, Citrus, & Chocolate


Fancy a trip to Paris? How about an outing to a high-end patisserie?  Skip the calories and stay in your PJs with this Honduran roast! The coffee dances with notes of French pastry, plum compote, citrus zest, and a hint of chocolate and sugar. This is the ultimate dessert in a cup! Go ahead and put this coffee in a fancy mug and relax in guilt free luxury.


Honduran Dark Roast

Tasting Notes of Cinnamon, Chocolate, Brown Sugar, & Berry


This Honduran coffee is elegant, refined, and a little sultry. Our Honduran dark is the ultimate smooth dark roast, bringing all the delicious flavors of a bold coffee, minus the bitterness. The aroma of cinnamon and chocolate envelops the senses, while a hint of dark berries and brown sugar delight the palette. This is the leading lady of the dark coffee world.


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Honduran Teodosa Moreno | from $16.00

  • We offer sustainable and renewable resources for our customers. For packaging, we are excited to showcase compostable bags with compostable labels that you may use to refill the coffee canisters. The bags are $3 less expensive than the canister, and we pass that savings direclty on to you. Packaging is a matter of preference, and we wanted to provide you with some choices. 

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