Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe Idido


Tasting Notes: Stroopwafel, Blueberry, & Strawberry


We’re in love with this crop of Yirgacheffe, as it offers a very clean medium-bodied cup with a satiny mouthfeel.  With initial hints of stroopwafel that cools to comforting undertones of blueberry and strawberry, this is the kind of coffee you will enjoy from the first sip all the way to the last, with no constraints in time. This is a beautiful coffee to enjoy as a manual brew, and it is now an in-house favorite for smooth and slightly sweet espresso style drinks. If you enjoy the hints of blueberry and strawberry, you may also want to try this as an iced coffee, cold-brew, or nitro as the berry tones become more pronounced as the coffee cools.


This Yirgacheffee is  “natural” or “dry-processed,” which means that the seeds were dried under the sun inside of the coffee fruit – conveying the cherry’s notable floral and fruity tones. Natural processing is an ancient form of processing coffee, and it is method that originated out of necessity in areas without reliable access to water sources that are used for wet processing.


Information about Yirgacheffee:

The Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Idido is sourced from family-owned farms organized around the Idido coffee mill located in the Gedeo Zone of Ethiopia. The Gedeo region is named after the Gedeo people who are indigenous to this area. The Idido mill is located in a beautiful valley in the town of Idido near the town of Yirgacheffe. Small coffee farmers deliver ripe cherries to the Idido mill where the cherries are sorted. The cherries are placed on raised drying beds in thin layers and turned every 2 to 3 hours during the first few days of the drying process. Then the beans are transported to Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, to be milled and bagged prior to export.


About the farmers:

Idido is part of Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union or YCFCU. This network encompasses 28 cooperatives and 38,000 farmers. Idido comprises more than 1,000 of those members. Each member represents a small farm that grows coffee as well as bananas, vegetables, and other shade trees. Previously the Ethiopian Government required coffee to be sold on an exchange with only designations by relatively large geographic area and cleanliness of preparation. In recent years the government has allowed for certain cooperatives and washing stations to bypass the exchange in order to maintain partnerships and receive a premium for their coffee.


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Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe | from $16.00

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