With notes of lime, honey, and mandarin | 6oz


Cascara, also known as Coffee Cherry Tea, is made from the husk that surrounds the coffee beans.  Don't expect the flavors of coffee from this low caffeine "tea." Cascara has a wide range of flavors just like coffee.  This particular cascara has lime, honey, and mandarin notes.  Serve hot or cold, with or without sweeteners! We love to add an assortment of spices depending on our mood. This ancient beverage is enjoyed in many coffee growing countries and known for its high anti-oxidant content and sustainable and eco-friendly health benefits.  Brew a cup and discover this amazing beverage for yourself! 


Quick Brew Guide (all portions to personal taste):


  Use 1 gram of cascara per 30 grams of hot water (30 grams would be a 12oz mug filled to the brim)
    a. Steep for 5-7 minutes off boil


    b. Steep for 4 minutes on boil


Cold Method A:
  Use 1 gram of cascara per 15 grams of hot water
  Steep for 10 minutes
  Pour over ice


Cold Method B:

Use 1 gram of cascara per 20 grams of cold water

Steep in refrigerator for 6-24 hours


Also try as a syrup or liqueur. Enjoy!!

Cascara | Carmen Caturra Panama | $12.00