Burundi A Ngozi - Rimiro Washing Station (GP)


Two roast profiles for this somewhat rare varietal and both are excellent choices for a pour over, hot or cold!  Have you tried coffee from Burundi? Now is your chance. This specialty grade coffee is sourced from the Ruhororo Commune in the Ngozi Province of Buyenzi, Burundi at an elevation of 1558 meters. The washing station this coffee is named for is Rimiro, and manages the processing for over 1,700 farmers and 500,000 coffee trees. Coffees are fully washed and sun-dried on raised beds to promote even drying. Coffees are then milled at the Budeca dry mill before being bagged and exported. The cupping profile for this coffee is bright and smooth, with hints of grapefruit, rhubarb, and peach.


Lighter Roast:  Citrus and Artisanal Bitters 

Hints of grapefruit and cocktail bitters finishing with the juiciness of a ripe summer peach.


Darker Roast:  Smooth and Mellow Bakers Chocolate

Dark bakers chocolate with subtle hints of vanilla in this deep and complex, yet exceptionally smooth dark roast.