Welcome to Carriage House Roasters

This is it, we are finally getting started. The process of opening CHR has taken several years, but it's finally here. CHR started out as a crazy idea: what could I do that was fun, creative, and could one day be a career? I thought this over many times over coffee. Did I mention I'm obsessed with coffee? A love of coffee snowballed into learning about coffee and trying new varieties. I spent time in Ethiopia learning from a brilliant exporter, worked as a barista, attended classes, set the fire alarms off in my house attempting to learn how to roast, and converted an old porch into a roasting room. CHR is a family project and we look forward to bringing the coffees we love to your family. We hope you enjoy! To get things started we have a video on how to make Vietnamese Egg Coffee. A delicious coffee treat that is essentially dessert. It involves a rich shot of espresso, sugar, vanilla, and sweetened condensed milk. Yummy :) Keep checking back as I love discussing all things coffee and hope to bring you videos and answer any coffee related questions.



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