Sumatra Aceh Arinagata Roast by Carriage House Roasters

Earthy Dark Chocolate & Toffee - There is something sultry and intriguing about Sumatran coffees. With a rustic earthiness this hearty cup begs to be brewed strong so it can carry you through a rough day. The earthy undertones are mellowed by a no nonsense profile of chocolate and toffee. *This is the lighter of the two Sumatran profiles
Dark Chocolate & Warm Spices - With colder weather around the corner this is the go to coffee for foggy weather. Warm up with the exotic spice tones and hold your cup close while watching the leaves transform into brilliant oranges and reds this fall.  *This is the darker of the two Sumatran profiles

Carriage House Roasters Sumatra Coffee Tin
A wonderful autumn and winter selection!

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