Science Meets Art

Updated: May 20, 2020

One of the four pillars of Carriage House Roasters

Pillar One: Science Meets Art


We love coffee roasted in many different ways, even on a cast iron pan where we first learned to roast from our good friend when we lived in Ethiopia. We are particularly fond of the precision and control we have throughout the roast process using hot air that is evenly distributed to each bean in small, highly controlled batches.  Air roasters are capable of teasing out delicate floral and berry aromas, and invitingly showcase bold mocha flavors. Air roasting is particularly adept at showing the flavor profile of the bean, rather than the flavor of the roast. Without the aggressive conduction heat of the cast iron drum, or the flavor imparted by the smoke in the chamber, air roasting provides a pure flavor profile opening a world of natural coffee flavors that you may never have known existed.

Air roasting is often praised as a more #ecological way of roasting, and we like how the chaff (paper-like coating that separates from the coffee seed during roasting) floats effortlessly from the roasting chamber with a near smokeless roast. Our glass roasting chamber affords a rare look at the beans as they develop. Using roasting curves along, with site, smell, and sound (yes, sound!) science and art collide as we work to bring out the best possible flavor from each varietal.  This is third wave fluid bed air roasting at its finest.

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