Ethiopian Natural Yirgacheffe Idido Explained - by Carriage House Roasters

Flavored coffees? We get asked about our flavor profiles more than anything else. In this short clip I talk very briefly about flavors to people who may be unfamiliar with specialty coffee.

Here are the two Ethiopian profiles we currently offer at

Berries, Melon, & Florals -

This natural process Ethiopian is a beautiful example of an Ethiopian coffee. Always beautiful and unique, the subtle floral undertones and the spring-like melon and berry compounds will transport you to spring. This is a coffee that can enjoy, day or night, whenever you need a dose of happiness. It's like sunshine in a cup. *This is the lighter of the two Ethiopian profiles

Warm Strawberries & Florals -

This natural process will give you a reason to be excited when your alarm goes off in the mornings. The jammy strawberry notes and the fragrant florals will get your day started off right. Forget all your worries and get lost in the magical flavors of this elegant coffee. *This is the darker of the two Ethiopian profiles

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