Embrace Yesterday & Tomorrow

Updated: May 11, 2020

Coffee roasteries evolve over time. Marketing, packaging, roasting methods, culture - they all change. As a small artisanal roastery, I like to salvage elements of the past that are most pleasing, while pushing current coffee culture and trends into the future (basic OODA loop principle - observe, orient, decide, act). It's fun that way and it keeps the world of coffee interesting and constantly improving. Not everything that worked 10-20 years ago will work today, but that doesn't mean we can't leverage the best little pieces of the past as we venture with purpose into the future. Try something new, something different.

Check out my product video below for our bourbon aged Myanmar where you will see that our packaging merges the classic tins of the past, with a strong and bold background thematic with bourbon, elegant design elements, and recognizable social media icons to the side. I use modern transitions with limited exposure to catch your attention in roughly 20 seconds. Great effort has been put into keeping everything simple, hassle-free (no shipping fees and no complicated gimmicks), and aesthetically pleasing. There you will find our Myanmar, which is relatively unique to the market today, and extremely rare to find aged with bourbon.

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