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Updated: May 15, 2020

I feel a strong connection to our growing community in Timberville, Virginia. As a council member-elect, one of my goals is to strengthen our community by assisting in economic development. Whether it's through my own business here at Carriage House Roasters (with the most awesome help of you), organizing special venues and events like the Timberville Christmas Village, and supporting innovative activities through the Community Arts and Recreation of Timberville, there are very special things to come as we continue to work together to make Timberville an even more special and vibrant town.

One thing that I especially love about the coffee culture is its power to bring people together. We're doing that this holiday season at the Timberville Christmas Village where thousands of people from around the state, and even some from neighboring states, visit our little community and build stronger bonds and lasting relationships.

Everyone is having a blast, visitors are having a great and memorable experience, and over 30 artisans, neighboring businesses, and the town are prospering as a result of this event. This is exactly the type of community organizing that works - for everybody!

Vendors and Volunteers at the Timberville Christmas Village
Vendors and Volunteers at the Timberville Christmas Village

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