Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your top questions:

Are your paper refills ready for the compost bin?

Our paper bags and the product labels on the paper bags are made from recycled material and are both compostable. Please remove the tin tie prior to composting or recycling. For additional information regarding eco-friendly packaging visit our friends at Our fully compostable bags made from recycled material

Do your reusable coffee canisters have a one-way CO2 degassing valve?

Yes! Coffee contains hundreds of aroma compounds and for reference, it's far more complex than wine. Coffee aromatics are something that third wave roasters go to great lengths to preserve and protect. Coffee is very sensitive to oxygen and easily obsorbs odors from its environment. That's why we carefully store our green coffee, immediately roast to order, and then quickly package and ship. Fresh coffee offgases CO2, some varietals more than others. Offgassing can rapidly add pressure to sealed packaging. The valve allows the gas to escape, but does not allow air or other odors to enter the container. This helps to protect your freshly roasted coffee from inflating or bursting. We hid the valve on the bottom of the tin to keep it out of sight.

I love you guys, how can I help?

Thank you, we love you too!

  • Let us know how we can better serve you. Since we've opened, I have communicated with dozens of awesome coffee people and you have helped make us what we are today. We're super friendly and we want you to feel good about your coffee experience.

  • Come have fun on social media, we're everywhere and love the camaraderie and good company! I follow tons of people and your lives are meaningful to us.

  • Help spread the word. We are primarily an online roastery, so we rely heavily on social media and word of mouth.

What's your favorite coffee and brew method?

Okay, do you have about 45 minutes for an answer? I make lattes at home, usually with any of our single origins. When I'm on the road, I prefer the taste and simplicity of pour overs. There is so much peace and beauty to the entire pour over coffee experience. I post quite a bit about different coffees and brew methods, so make sure to follow Carriage House Roasters on the social media platform of your choice. Great question by the way, thanks for asking!!!

Do you have any interesting facts to share?

I have to lug around huge coffee bags that weigh more than I do, so I'm stronger than I look! Just kidding, kind of. More interestingly, we use a German fluid bed (air) roaster. It's a challenge because you can't find parts and we have to do our own maintenance. This scares me almost every day, but it's a beast and it hasn't let me down yet. It's a beautiful machine, made of steel and glass, complete with the latest gadgetry and technology. The roasts are spot on and I'm happy to say that the roaster does its job flawlessly. We also do our part by keeping the roasting area and green storage environmentally stable througout the year to assist with consistent roasting results. One of my favorite things is to watch the coffee roast through the the prestine glass chamber. It's beautiful! I'm also on the social media platform TikTok, and my attempts to assimilate over there have been met with, well, resistance. I have very few followers and while I think my content is amazing, the youth of today does not appreciate my sense of humor, or I just haven't figured out that app. While it's rather humbling, humiliating, and hilarious, I'm not going to give up and I promise my best to represent all coffee fans the best I can. Wish me luck and keep one eye closed if you sneak over there!!!

What does "Third Wave" mean?

Coffee is similar to other complex products such as tea and chocolate, and has over four times the amount of flavor and aromatic compounds as wine. Coffee lovers can spend a lifetime exploring coffees throughout the world; roasted and prepared in new, different, and exciting ways. The possibilities are endless, and that is why we are so excited and passionate about coffee. We also realize that terminology often associated with specialty coffee can be a barrier between the roaster and consumers, so explaining and demystifying some of the lingo will help those making the transition into the world of specialty coffee. Definitions of Third Wave are fluid and evolving, and there is even some discussion on a new "Fourth Wave" which we will explore further at a later point. Third Wave coffee is often described as a mindset. It extends beyond roasting to the entire coffee experience, which includes elements of coffee culture, quality, excellence, and continual learning and innovation. From a roaster's perspective, to produce Third Wave coffee, our primary focus is to bring out the best of a particular varietal, roasting to highlight favorable attributes and to source high quality coffee that does not require roasting overly dark in order to mask imperfections. Our "about" page sums it up: "As a third wave coffee roastery we approach coffee as a culinary form of art. We source the highest quality green beans from a featured region then artisanally develop the varietal to is full potential, roasting not to mask, but to bring out unique and optimal flavors." A specialty coffee roaster will consider the terroir from where the coffee was grown, the processing method at the farm or processing station, the region, weather, altitude, and other variables to include how the green coffee is stored and shipped. All of these factors influence how a particular varietal tastes, and it's always a moving target depending on even the smallest of changes to any of these factors. I've always enjoyed this article from Perfect Daily Grind. They break it down into greater detail: What Is “Third Wave Coffee”, & How Is It Different to Specialty?

Do you ship worldwide to U.S service members via APO/FPO/DPO addresses?

Yes, absolutely! And shipping is free ... mostly! We add $5.00 on orders under $20.00 to ship to APO/DPO/ FPO addresses as shipping is a bit more expensive (splitting the shipping cost). On orders over $20.00 we will cover 100% of the cost of shipping as a way to say thank you to U.S military and foreign affairs personnel, whom we love! Here are some notes if you need help shipping to these locations, but if you need additional help, just email me at Items being shipped to military service members or Foreign Service Officers who have a stateside address (Dulles) can order using the stateside address. All other APO/DPO/FPO addresses will need to add a "Dummy Address*" and put a note on the order containing the shipping information. This can be added on check-out using the Gift Note or APO/DPO/FPO Note link. See highlighted portion of (Figure 1). On the check out page, change the country to the country in which you are stationed (Figure 2). This will allow you to select APO/DPO/FPO shipping in the next section (Figure 3). What on earth is a dummy address!? A dummy address is an address you can use for check-out purposes so the check-out system thinks there is a valid zip code. This may or may not affect your credit card validation. A relative's stateside address can be used and linked to a credit card for validation. Here's an example: Natalie Roaster 123 Coffee Lane Timberville, VA 22853 APO/DPO/FPO Address Note: Hey Carriage House, my real address is PSC 815 DPO, AE 09836